Goose Bay

Goose Bay
After a short night spent in a military camp a few kilometers from the
airport of Goosebay, we examine the possibilities to get closer to Quebec
… taking into account,as usual our best friend, the weather.

Many storms will arrive from the west during the day, we tookdecision to
track via the south to join the St. Laurent River.

Nice formation flight over huge expanses of forests and a multitude of lakes.
The temperature rose to 31° C with a lot of turbulence, we were really
shacken in our little planes.

One hundred ninety nautical flight in a light misty veil and after 2 hours we reached the small base of Natashquan on the St. Lawrence.


We were greeted warmly by two police officers who inform us that the place is pretty deserted. We still have time and fuel to continue to Havre St. Pierre, this place seems more attractive and we are again flying for forty minutes along the river.

IMG_5533 IMG_5535 13697236_1609722052653076_978457911436612126_n

Hardly the time to “tickle” the waves along the St. Laurent river we reach Havre Saint-Pierre.

Havre Saint PIerre 2

Not a soul in the aerodrome, or even the ability to call a taxi, we decided to join by foot and with our suitcases, the center of the village.

IMG_5548 Havre Saint Pierre Havre Saint Pierre 3

After 6km of walk along a long road where nobody passes, we arrive at the small hotel Le Havre and spend the evening “Chez Julie” where we savoured seafood: lobsters, scallops, shrimp along with nice drings.

One thought on “Jour 5: Goose Bay – Natashquan – Havre Saint-Pierre

  1. Hi folks, me agin.

    So besides flying you also do hitchhicking. Of course lonely in the air is lonely on the Street. Luckely police guided you so you are in good hands. Hope your trip to the potentiaal representative went well ans sales of VL3 will boost. WishIng you nice weather as In Italy (30+°) and good arrival on your next stopover avoiding the nasty CB’s and other St’s or Sr’s. So only CAVOC’ and not hing else.
    CU tomorrow

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