Prevention is better than a cure….


Indeed, the awaited storm went a little further north of our position and the area of Sarnia has been spared.
Today it is a storm of blue sky and we re-view the administrative procedures, finally we get
the official approval to enter the US territory in Lansing (Michigan).


We take off around 13:00h and quickly pass the Canada-US border.

Arriving at Lansing airport, we are asked to hold at the Custom Zone, identified on the ground by a large green circle, Officers ordered us to stay in our planes.

Two Custom Officials with an authoritarian look arrived, armed with a sniffer for drugs, explosives, etc . Our planes and bags are screened and then each of us is admitted to the United States.


After all administration is finished, we took off inbound Appleton International Airport located on the Fox River and 16 nautical miles northeast of Oshkosh.


20160722_145214  20160722_170605
Tonight we stay at the Radisson Downtown hotel and enjoy our last evening dinner, around a
very friendly Teppanyaki table, before arriving at our final destination.



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