Today our goal is to reach Oshkosh, our final destination.

Therefore, it is important to fully prepare our routing procedures and especially study the 24
pages NOTAM’S describing all the airport details and approach procedures.

It looks very complicated on paper, entry points to respect, no voice contact by radio, you just
follow the instructions and acknowledge them by rolling the wings. By this way, we do not
overload the frequency.


Departure at 18:00h for a last flight of about 45 minutes to Oshkosh. Weather conditions are
not perfect, it rains at destination but minimum horizontal visibility for VFR is correct. This
suits us well, a lot of Americans fly in those conditions and it spared us from an overloaded
traffic on road.


DSC_5497 DSC_5502
Our first entry point is RIPON and we have to reduce to 9O kt, then we fly to
the next report point FISKE where we are identified by the control who asks us to roll wings.


Then we receive clearance to land on runway 27 and are redirected to the parking of the
exhibitors. While taxiing to the exhibition stand, we receive a particularly warm welcome from the controller (see video).


We will spend the week in Oshkosh along with JMB Aircraft and continue our journey for a
few more days either to California or to Florida.



3 thoughts on “Day 14: Appleton – Oshkosh

  1. Big 😀 @05:05+ sur la vidéo 🙂 … Une météo pas trop dépaysante à l’arrivée alors ! 😉
    Profitez bien 🙂 !!!

  2. Big respect and to be honnest little emotional watching the video of your arrival.
    The whole team deserves the attentandance at the walhalla of flying.
    Big tumps up for the journey and tripreps. Enjoy your stay, meet lots of fellow pilots and exhale all new feature of flying.

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