The VL3, built by JMB Aircraft, is a single engine low wing ULM and is the fastest side by side Ultra Light aircraft.

Its cruising speed is 250 Km/h (134 Kts) and has a range up to 2,500 Km (1,350Nm).

Our ACFTs are equipped with a Rotax 912 engine, a retractable gear, Constant Speed Unit, a EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument) Garmin G3X Touch with EIS (Engine Indication System) and Auto Pilot.




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  1. Hallo
    My question is, having a French registered Vl3 evolution aircraft, can I fly along Europe in every airport, or there are some limitation, i.e. there are airport not accepting the aircraft.
    Being Italian with PPL IFR rated can I keep French registration and fly as above?
    Thanks for your kind reply

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