Olivier Ronveaux (25/12/1965)

Professional firefighter. JAR private pilot, ultra light instructor, parachutist, he has several major expeditions on his palmares: Brussels-Dakar-Brussels in 2002, Tour of Europe in 2003, Brussels-Capetown-Brussels in 2005, and Earth Challenge (Sidney-Charleroi) in 2009.
Olivier totals more than 6,000 flight hours.


Sylvie Claessens

Sylvie is Olivier’s spouse; she is Ultra Light Pilot and totalizes 500H on FK9 and MCR01. Sylvie will be Olivier Ronveaux’s co-pilot.


Harald Dispaux (19/04/1967)

Since his first flight at the age of 16, Harald piloted gliders in Saint-Hubert at the CNVV with Jacques Brocade. After a solo flight in 7h48’ in a K6, the passion will never leave him. In 1993 he practiced on DPM with Roland Coddens. In 1995 he followed the PPL course in Charleroi at BFS with Gilles Polomé.
Then paused at the birth of his son before returning as a glider pilot in Namur and came back to BAISY-THY where, in 2009 he did his conversion with Serge Rochtus to FK9. He passed to VL3 in 2014 so that he continues this great passion for flying and long journeys.


Serge Rochtus (18/11/1958)

He made his sole flight on C152 at EBAW on 18/11/1988 and accumulated more than 200h. on Cessna. In 2009 he discovered the important developments and performances of Ultra Lights. The virus gets him back and flow his first time on FK9 Mari IV. He accumulated more than 150h. as well as in Belgium and France, in 2014 Serge felt in love with the VL3. The passion became a drug and their challenges in VL3 start for them.


The VL3 Challenge team disposes of a RECO plane, Bonanza A36, this plane will be flown by:

Jean Penninckx (03/08/40) : Aviator

Jean is a professional pilot and will be co-responsible for the navigations, he was Chief in Pilot on BE99 Metro and instructor at Kinshasa Airport. Jean has different qualifications for a lot of airplanes. He will be also in charge of the technical maintenance of the planes for the “VL3 Challenge Team”.

On his palmares there are multiple expeditions: Transatlantic Greenland 2005,  Brussels-Capetown-Brussels 2005, and different Atlantic crossings by single engine airplanes.


Claude Petré

Claude is Ultra Light Pilote with more than 3000H in his logbook. He has a PPL license and different raids on his active. In 2005 Claude flow a round trip tour in Africa.



Marc Bourgeois

VL3 and FK9 pilot, parachutist, first flight on Cessna 172 in 1973.
Neurophysiologist and engineer, will be Weather advisor of the expedition and ground relay

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