First day off for our pilots who have accumulated nearly 30 hours of flight and a lot of stress. Today the team has a good time relaxing in Quebec City.
A propitious day for some “maintenance” such as laundry to wash our cloths at the local loundry.
We discover Quebec under a blue sky and have near 30 degrees.
Elevated to a “world heritage site” by UNESCO, the Old City – the cradle of French America – provides a wonderful history lesson where architecture, heritage, art and culture flows toghether.
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Through the countless European style alleys that intersect, the city reveals an atmosphere of well-being and good manners. Quebecers are of immense kindness and incredible
Small drink at the "Q-de sac", ride around The Royal Place and Fontenac castle, lunch in a small back terrace surrounded by greenery ….. a perfect cocktail to let off the steam of the recent days.
At the end of the day, we joined Jacques and Claude, a couple of friends from “Three Rivers”, Sylvie and Olivier had met last winter in Trinidad Cuba.

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